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AI & ML Automation

We design and develop tailor-made AI solutions to meet specific business needs. Our team specializes in creating AI models and systems that leverage machine learning algorithms to optimize processes, automate tasks, and enhance decision-making.

Our expertise in machine learning algorithms empowers businesses to make informed decisions and stay ahead in dynamic markets. We offer sentiment analysis, language translation, chatbots, and text analytics to enhance customer interaction and automate communication.

AI Powered Phone Communications

Social Media Post Automation

Private AI Assistant (Bot)

AI Powered Social Listening

Web App Testing

Mobile App Testing


Testing & QA

Our team conducts comprehensive functional testing to identify and rectify any deviations from expected behavior. We develop and execute automated test suites to improve efficiency, reduce time-to-market, and enhance software quality.

We conduct load testing, stress testing, and other performance evaluations to ensure applications perform optimally under various conditions. Our regression testing ensures that new updates do not negatively affect the previously functioning elements.

We offer guidance on QA best practices, tool selection, and process improvement for optimal software quality.


Web3.0 & Blockchain

We specialize in building dApps that offer transparency, security, and user empowerment through decentralized protocols. We enable businesses to leverage the advantages of blockchain by implementing solutions customized to their requirements.

We help in tokenizing assets, creating utility tokens, security tokens, and providing token economy design consultancy. Our services focus on ensuring a smooth and intuitive user experience for interacting with decentralized applications and assets.

We assess and enhance security measures to protect against potential vulnerabilities and threats.

NFT Designing, Minting & Marketing


Smart Contract

Real Estate Tokenization

ICO/IDO/IEO Creation & Listing

DEX/CEX Listing

Blockchain Development


Dapps Development

Custom Mobile App

Custom Web App

Scalable Backend

Product Testing Services


Mobile & Web Apps

Our expertise lies in creating web applications that adapt to different screen sizes and browsers, providing a consistent user experience. We build efficient server-side solutions and APIs to ensure smooth functionality.

We offer updates, bug fixes, and continuous monitoring to ensure the optimal performance of mobile and web applications. Our QA team performs functional, usability, performance, and security tests to deliver reliable apps.

We help Implementing analytics tools and strategies to track app performance and user behavior. We help optimize apps based on user insights to improve engagement and conversion rates.


MarTech Services

We offer designing, implementing, and optimizing marketing automation platforms for any business. We help streamline marketing workflows, lead nurturing, and customer engagement through the use of cutting-edge automation tools.

We assist in customizing, deploying, and managing CRM solutions to enhance customer interactions and drive sales. Our expertise ensures efficient budget allocation and maximizes ROI for paid advertising efforts.

We help businesses leverage social platforms to engage with their audience and build brand presence. Also, we provide comprehensive reports and insights to track, analyze, and optimize marketing efforts.

3D Websites

Smart Badge

Corporate Websites

Full Business Build

Full Business Operate

Campaign Websites

GPS Tracking

Smart Badge


IOT & Robotics

We facilitate the connection of machines and equipment to optimize operations, enable predictive maintenance, and enhance productivity.Our services enable faster insights and reduced latency for critical applications and ensure end-to-end security solutions to protect data and devices from potential cyber threats.

We provide strategic insights and roadmap development for successful implementation. We create intelligent systems that learn and adapt, providing enhanced efficiency and performance.


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